Yoga for Beginners – Class Etiquette


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Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is a unique experience and can be a great deal more than just an exercise program. It can be deeply fulfilling and some say, life changing, if you are willing to make the necessary effort. The following will help make getting started in a class setting easier for you.

1. Yoga etiquette means being polite. Enter and leave the yoga studio quietly. This shows respect for your fellow students and your instructor. If you run into a problem, handle it quietly so as not to disturb others. Yes, there are a few studios that teach yoga exercise to music, but the politeness rules still apply. Keep the talking down and heavy body fragrances for elsewhere.

2. Bring your own equipment when possible. This includes your own towel, mat and water. Some studios rent towels and mats and sell water, but it is always best to have your own equipment for hygiene purposes.

3. Arrive on time. If you are late, you may disturb others and you won’t have the time for pre-exercise limbering up. Try to arrive at least ten to fifteen minutes ahead of time. This will enable you to relax and get into the right mindset before exercises begin.

4. Introduce yourself to your instructor. Let him or her know any questions or concerns that you may have.


5. Educate yourself, before your first class. Read up on yoga. There’s plenty of information on the internet. Pay particular attention to the type of yoga you will be doing. This will enable you to better understand what’s going on when you arrive and will enable you to ask the right questions and get the most benefit out of your practice.

6. Relax. The wonderful thing about yoga is that it will pick you up from wherever you may be and carry you where you want to be. The exercises shouldn’t be forced and you can start from wherever you are, even if you are not in good shape.

Yoga for Beginners

The most important step in starting on the yoga path is to acquire the right mindset. Simply committing to showing up on time and doing the exercises is not enough. An important part of the yoga mindset, as with anything new, is the cultivation of patience. You will find that yoga can be, but doesn’t have to be strenuous, so the old adage “No pain – no gain” doesn’t apply. If you are experiencing pain while doing yoga, then you are doing it wrong.

It varies from individual to individual, but the changes that yoga can bring, especially if you practice the meditation along with it, can be considerable. The ancients weren’t kidding when they called yoga a path to enlightenment. How far you walk down that path will be up to you.

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” Author Unknown

Enjoy this Beginner’s Flow Routine

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