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The capacity to maintain the needed intensity for a particular sport or activity is called endurance fitness.

There are four basic kinds of endurance: aerobic, anaerobic, speed and strength. Aerobic endurance is built up through interval and constant running. While at work, the body is supplying the oxygen and energy needed to meet the necessary demands to perform an activity. Water and carbon dioxide are released through exhaling and sweating. When a person’s body needs to use stored energy because the need for oxygen and energy is lacking, the body is building up anaerobic endurance.

During anaerobic activities, the muscles are deprived of oxygen and go into “oxygen debt”. At this point, the body begins to build up lactic acid in the muscles. When the lactic acid is eliminated and the “oxygen debt is replaced, then the body can continue its physical activity.

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Walking and endurance exercise to reduce the risk of falling | Don’t

http://dontfall.ca Mon, 13 Jan 2014 04:01:21 GMT

Walking and other endurance exercises, such as swimming and dancing, reduce the risk of falling, and improve health overall.

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Speed Endurance 

Speed Endurance Swimming Blog: Top 50 Swimmers of 2013 – The

http://speedendurance.blogspot.com Wed, 08 Jan 2014 15:22:00 GMT


The third annual Speed Endurance Top 50 Swimmers of the Year list is upon us. There is no set-in-stone criteria, but priority is given to achievements in Barcelona at the World Championships. World records and textile best 

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How Endurance Training Benefits Your Physical and Mental Health

http://blog.flywheelsports.com Fri, 24 Jan 2014 17:11:42 GMT

In anticipation of the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, a few of our Flywheel instructors got inspired to lead longer “endurance” classes, aimed at pushing our riders to their maximum ability. What’s the benefit 

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Another benefit of endurance training is building and maintaining muscle power. Muscle power is the amount of force and the speed a muscle can perform an activity. As we age, we lose muscle power. With endurance fitness, we can retain muscle strength and balance. In addition, endurance fitness improves balance and coordination which helps reduce the chance of injuries.

Endurance fitness improves your metabolism and cardiorespiratory system, decreases stress, reduces the risk of disease, builds strength and helps keep the mind sharp.

Check out the endurance routine below.

Sports Endurance Workout - Stamina, Speed, and Agility Workout

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