Weight Training – How to Get Started


weight training

Weight Training

Weight or resistance training is highly effective and doesn’t require you to go out and buy an entire weight training gym. When first starting out with weight training you can easily use household items to add weight as you exercise. For example you can use water bottles filled with sand or even lift up a bag of potatoes.

Weight training can help raise your metabolism and helps you burn more fat. You should aim to weight train three times a week. A good training schedule. in the beginning, is to alternate your weight training days with your cardio days. This allows your muscles to relax and actually grow after being worked out the day before.

Below are several articles that are solid resources for how to begin weight training

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Goals are important. However, GOOD goals are measurable and use hard numbers. When I first joined the gym just under a year ago, my goal was simply “to get stronger”. As a newbie to strength training, I had no idea what I …

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Weight Training

Let’s get Started:

No matter what your age you really should consider adding weight training to your exercise routine.

Expect it to take time to see the physical results from your weight training, Allow at least six weeks before noticing a difference. However, you will most probably feel the difference much sooner.

You might see changes in your measurements first, so it is a good idea to make a note of your measurements when you first start weight training.  For great training tips and inspiration, pick up a copy of Strength is Ageless.


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