The Impossible Takes a Little Longer


the Impossible Takes a Little Longer

There is enormous strength in patience, because patience enables

you to achieve the most effective results, not just the most available

results. When you act out of haste and shortsightedness,

time can work against you. But when you are patient

and diligent, time works in your favor.

Patience is more than just waiting. Patience is having the faith

and confidence to act over the long term, beginning now,

and steadily continuing day after day until

the goal is reached.


Patience expands your options.

If you insist on immediate gratification,

your choices are severely limited. But if you are


willing to work patiently and steadfastly toward

your goal, it can be anything you choose.


The greatest achievements are those which are built

day after day,

month after month,

one effort on top of another.


When you can be urgent about the effort and patient about the reward,

anything is possible.


When the rough gets rougher just remember:

The impossible takes a little longer.


About Kriss Brooks

I’m Kriss Brooks and I’ve been in the fitness field for many years, actually, my entire life! Fitness is my passion and fitness is my life.

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