The Long and Short of Stretching


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Do you experience tight or tense muscles? Do you feel that even though you do your exercise at the gym, park, beach or home you still have these tight or tense muscles? You may not be devoting enough time to stretching.

Stretching is as equally important as strengthening but how much attention do you pay to it? Most people are aware that they should be stretching but they don’t do it enough. There are a few reasons for why this may be:
1.Too tired before or after work (or during!)
2.Not sure how to do it properly

3.Are afraid of pulling or tearing a muscle from attempting to stretch

4.Not enough time to stretch

5.Don’t like stretching

6.Not sure why they should stretch




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If you can relate to any of the above reasons, you are not alone and you are not in the wrong. These barriers to stretching are realistic and it is important to address these so you can get the most out of your stretching regime as possible.

One of the priorities with stretching which can help overcome many of the above barriers is the education about stretching and the steps to take to perform it correctly. Once you are aware of how and why to do it, your insight becomes deeper and you are likely to enjoy it and do it more often.
To help you understand more about stretching, here are the benefits listed below much more than just ease of movement:
1.Increased Range of motion and flexibility of your muscles
2.Improved posture and posture awareness
3.Improved circulation
4.Maintenance of suppleness of muscle and healthy muscle tone

5.Reduced risk of injury and also reduced risk of falling
6.Relief from anxiety
7.Enhanced recovery
8.Relief from pain
9.Smooth and efficient function and movement
11.Enhanced relaxation and focus
12.Improved Quality of life
A sound musculoskeletal system will compliment every other system in your body and will also create a deeper awareness of your own body.

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