Snowshoeing: Winter Hiking Alternative



Some people find downhill skiing intimidating. Others just don’t like strapping what amounts to sled rails on their feet and then heading out into snow. Then there are some who simply don’t want to go through the sometimes complex learning curve involved in skiing. If you fit any of these descriptions but still want to get out and have some fun in the snow, then snowshoeing is the sport for you.

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Snowshoe Basics for Beginners – A Guide to What to Wear, What to Tue, 19 Nov 2013 15:45:39 GMT

Armen Malikian, GoLite Tualatin store manager, is a savvy adventurer with 18 years of snowshoeing experience. Here’s what he has to say to all you beginners out there. It’s the dead of winter. All of your go-to summer trails 

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What to Wear on a Snowshoe Hike | Northwest TripFinder Tue, 26 Nov 2013 03:34:02 GMT


Having the right clothing on can make all the difference between a miserable, cold day or a warm, comfortable day in the snowy backcountry. To keep your feet warm and dry on a snowshoe hike, wear boots (not sneakers).

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How to Walk on snowshoes

For your reading pleasure and the best snowshoeing education, peruse these resources.

Snowshoeing by Gene Prater

Basic Illustrated Snowshoeing by Eli Burakian

How to Snowshoe : How to Walk in Snowshoes

Get tips on walking in snowshoes, including how to avoid common beginners' mistakes, in this free health and fitness video lesson on snowshoeing.

Expert: Sheryl McGlochlin
Bio: Sheryl McGlochlin loves spending time with her family and extended family. She have completed over 500 hikes in various terrain.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins


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