How Self-Hypnosis Can Help with Weight Loss


How Self-Hypnosis Can Help with Weight Loss

What if there was a way to lose weight without all the angst that usually accompanies dieting and giving up your favorite foods? What if losing weight could be so simple as suggestions and visualization? That’s what self-hypnosis can accomplish without any help from pills or stressful dieting.

Olympians use self-hypnosis techniques (visualization and mindful suggestions) to win medals – so why can’t it work for losing weight. The answer is that it can and that it can work for anyone. It’s simple and it’s free. You simply have to put in a little time and effort to know the basics of self-hypnosis and its effect on the body and mind.

Because of recent studies about how the subconscious mind controls your thoughts and feelings, self-hypnosis has become more popular as a way to rid yourself of negative thoughts and bad habits and replace them with thoughts that will create positive actions and reactions.



Here are some basic ways that self-hypnosis can work to help you lose weight – and keep it off:

• Helps you trust yourself to know what’s best. Somewhere, buried in your subconscious mind, is the ability to lose the weight without the usual doubt that usually accompanies efforts to slim down.
• Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Rather than negative suggestions and visualizations, self-hypnosis concentrates on the positive message. For example, if you repeat a mantra (suggestion) such as, “Sodas are unhealthy,” it won’t be as effective as a mantra such as, “I want to be healthy and sodas are unnecessary for my health.”
• Visualization helps you know the outcome of your efforts. Counteract a negative visualization with a positive one. For example, if you suddenly see yourself eating a cheeseburger, replace it immediately with a positive thought – such as going to your high school reunion slimmer and healthier.
• Only practice will get the job done. You can’t expect one day of eating healthy or one Zumba class to magically transform your body. Neither can you expect a few sessions of self-hypnosis to miraculously help you lose weight. But after awhile, you’ll notice a distinct change in your thought and eating patterns and know that it’s working.
• Learn from your fall backs. When you experience a momentary failure with your perfect plan, it should be considered an opportunity. You will have learned a big lesson on what trigger(s) made you revert back to your old ways and only then can you create a plan of retaliation.

Many people pay thousands of dollars to lose weight, when the simple powers of suggestion that occurs during self-hypnosis would do the same thing. Research self-hypnosis and decide if it will be a good solution for your weight loss journey.


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