How Exercise Can Relieve Pain More Safely Than Prescription Drugs


This may seem exactly opposite of what you are thinking. If you are suffering from physical aches and pains in your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, becoming physically active may sound like the worst thing you can do. In actuality, the old Victorian idea of resting and being inactive to help with relief from pain is not always the quickest path to healing.

When severe pain is present, whether internal or caused by some physical injury, exercise is not the smartest first step to relief. However, if your aches and pains are mild to moderate, getting up and getting moving can be a simple pain-reliever. Over-the-counter and prescription pain-relief medications cost money, they often cause side-effects and addition, and they sometimes don’t work for many people.


Exercise automatically works by turning on your body’s natural healing and strengthening processes. It is a proven mood lifter, because when you are physically active at a moderate to intense level, hormones and chemicals called endorphins are released. They have powerful analgesic properties, which is another way of saying that they lower your perception of pain. They also perform as sedatives, calming you and helping you feel peaceful.

At the same time, hormones are produced which elevate your feelings of happiness and self-esteem, while simultaneously lowering stress, anxiety and depression. Because of all of these automatic processes, exercising or simply getting physically active the next time you are experiencing some moderate pain is a simple and natural way to avoid the financial strains, side-effects and possible addiction which prescription drugs may deliver.


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