How Busy Working Moms Can Find Time for Exercise


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When you are working full time, taking care of a baby or chasing after a toddler, managing the household and still trying to squeeze in social gatherings every now and then, chances are, like many other moms, you have a hard time finding 5 minutes to shower, let alone to exercise.


Many working moms share a health dilemma: how can I get fit and healthy when my hands are full with so many chores, responsibilities and things to do?

Unfortunately, many times the question flies out the window and moms feel resigned to the thought that they don’t have time for keeping fit and healthy, especially, when just the thought of spending some “free time” away from their kids instantly turns to guilty feelings.


Reframe Your Mind To Make Exercise A Priority Too!

It is precisely because working moms are tasked with a lot of work and responsibilities that need to get done that they should stay on top of their health and remain in tip-top shape.


Think of it this way: What will happen if you are suddenly sick or physically weak and not up to the daunting tasks of your everyday life with balancing work, childcare and household management? Who will get the work done?

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So, instead of thinking that you don’t have time for getting fit, accept that you must fit exercise into your day.

That’s a call to reframe your mindset that you must make exercising a priority too.


And how are you going to actualize that?

Make time for exercise and fitness activities that are convenient to you and incorporates well into your daily work and household routine.

Working moms like you are finding it hard to exercise not because they don’t want to, but, because they feel they don’t have the time to do it, right?

So, the key then is not to pick the type of exercise or sport that you like, but, what could be done and easily weaved into your daily routine.

Keeping this mindset will help you achieve your health and fitness goals without the guilt and without reneging on the joys (and pains) of motherhood and work.


Incorporate Exercise In Your’s And Your Kid’s Routine

Forget about enrolling in a gym to huff and puff for hours—your schedule just won’t allow it and your hard-earned money will just go to waste unspent on the exercise machines.

With your daily routine worked around the daily schedule of your kids, give and take hours you allot for work, you also have to implement a workout plan that can be easily accommodated in short installments.

Getting up a few minutes earlier in the morning will afford you some time to do a quiet morning workout before your kids wake up and be the center of your attention.

If you are the kind of person who is immediately on her toes upon waking up, go for a morning run or a brisk walk around the block.

Not feeling very active in the morning?

Make yoga your morning exercise buddy. During the day, do a few minutes of exercise during your meal breaks at work, before or after preparing dinner or even during your kids’ nap time.

One great option is to do the short, but, very effective HIIT workouts that can be done in as little as 10 or 15 minutes and provide better results than an hour of cardio.


If you have older children, a good time to hop on the treadmill is during homework time.

Work lunch breaks are perfect times to go for a brisk walk or do some yoga in the office.

Exercising in short, but, frequent installments will add up as a one-off regular workout when done daily.


Make Errand Time Exercise Time

There is no shortage of errands when you are managing a household, so, with the right frame of mind, you will see that you have plenty of opportunities for exercise when you are doing errands.

Walk or bike with your child to where you need to go. Keep yourself from always parking at the nearest spot to the mall or to your office, but, park further away and run or skip to the door.

Remember that walking is an exercise, and if you do it briskly you also up its cardio level.

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Keep Active During Family Weekends

No matter how much time you spend on work and household chores, there’s always time for quality time with family, especially during the weekends.

Redefine “quality” by making your family get active and on the path to fitness.

Having a picnic at the park or visiting friends and family are great bonding activities, but, fitness can be as well, and be something that you can enjoy together like swimming, hiking, biking, skiing, or even walking outdoors.

Even walking around the hallways of a children’s museum can be both fun and physically rewarding. By doing physical activities, you are also able to teach your children the value of getting fit while providing your family some quality bonding time.


Bottom Line

These are just few of the things you can do to maintain a rewarding exercise routine to keep you on the path to health and fitness.

As you reframe your priorities to incorporate your health and getting fit, you will discover other ways by which you can seamlessly incorporate exercise in your busy working mom schedule.

When you set your mind to make fitness a priority it becomes easier to incorporate it into your daily life.


So get on your feet and rise to the challenge of getting fit!


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