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 Healthy Weight LossTips

One of the most difficult things about losing weight is trying to figure out why it can seem impossible to do or to maintain the weight loss. After all, you’re motivated, right? You also know some of the things necessary to drop the pounds, right? Then what is the big mystery of why losing and/or maintaining can be so difficult for some of us?

In my opinion, one difficulty can be your attitude toward food.  Some of you may turn to food for comfort – a lot of comfort – too much comfort, if you know what I mean.  Others impose unrealistic food restrictions on themselves, treating food as a sort of enemy. So between using food as an enemy or comforter, many of us fail to recognize that even on a weight loss program, food can and should be delicious and nourishing. Accepting this truism will go a long way to help you achieve your goal; maintain a normal weight, and be healthy and fit.

What are your expectations? Are you looking for a quick result? You may very well drop the first few pounds quickly –water weight. But fat loss doesn’t happen overnight. This can lead to frustration which in turn can drive you back into old eating habits.

If you want to lose weight successfully, and keep it off, getting rid of the thoughts that hold you back is extremely important.


Healthy Weight Loss Tips

  • Go slow with small tweaks rather than huge leaps. Think of measurable goals as smaller steps along the way to your ultimate goal.
  • Write down your goals. Writing your goals down makes them important. Post your goals some place that’s visible most of the time. That keeps them real. One of your goals must be – progress not perfection.
  • Seek support. Seek it from friends, family or a support group. If you have some specific food issues like allergies, see a registered licensed dietician to carve up with a realistic plan of action.
  • If you slip up don’t give up. Accept there will be bumps along the way. That’s life and always will be. Acknowledge any setback and move on! Don’t give up on what you really want.

This is a marathon, not a 50-yard dash. Take small steps not leaps to lose those extra pounds and keep them off.

“One should eat to live not live to eat.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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