Best Calf Muscle Exercises


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Best Calf Muscle Exercises

We all want to be attractive and the desire to be attractive often influences the type of exercises that we do. We ladies often concentrate on shaping our hips, thighs and butt. We may pay attention to our abs as well. But so we often forget that part of the anatomy that carries the rest around, our lower legs.

Our lower legs are remarkably complex and, while composed of only two bones, have a very intricate muscle structure.  These muscles have fancy names like tibialis anterior, extensor hallucis and extensor digitorum longus. We pay very little attention to our lower legs until something goes wrong. Anyone who has awakened in the middle of the night with a lower leg cramp knows what it feels like when something goes wrong. These cramps can have numerous causes, including poor circulation and not staying hydrated. One of the most common causes is sitting. That’s right, sitting for extended periods can cause lower leg cramps because sitting in a chair holds the calve muscles in a contracted position. The longer you sit, the longer your calve muscles are compressed. And how many of us have sit-down jobs these days? Our ancient ancestors didn’t have this problem because they either sat on the ground or squatted on their heels, both of which kept the calve muscles stretched.

Best Calf Muscle Exercises

There are many exercises that can keep your lower legs in good condition. Aside from a number of yoga exercises, there is the ankle flexion which can be done with a long strap, (like a belt or yoga strap), and wrapping it around the upper part of your foot and then gently pulling the upper part of your foot of your foot toward you and holding it. A standard calf building exercise is heel raises, either performed standing on one leg or two legs. If you choose to stand on one leg while performing this exercise, hold on to a sturdy surface for balance and support. You then lift the heel/s off the floor so that you are standing on the ball of your foot and return heels to the starting position. And for those who are in pretty good condition, there is the single-leg push-off, a plyometric exercise that requires only a stable raised platform and agility enough to do a coordinated jump off first one leg and then the other.

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So don’t forget to incorporate from the knees down as part of your fitness routine.

The Best Calf Muscles Exercises

Quick Cardio Calf Workout at Home - Lower Body and Calf Exercises

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