Agility Drills for Quickness


‘Jack be Nimble; Jack be Quick..’ with Agility Drills

You have probably seen someone performing agility drills and didn’t even know it. You’ve seen a football player stepping fast into tires laid side by side on the ground, haven’t you? These are exercises to help the football perform better during practice and of course in a real game. Increasing ones agility and quickness is something we all need to work on. 

If you’ve never performed these types of drills before, you are in for a surprise. They are designed to push you to your limit and show you just how fast and agile you really are. Don’t be discouraged in the beginning if your performance is, let’s say, under whelming because improvements can be made in a very short period of time. 

Agility Drills: Jumping 

There is more to jumping than a simple squat and then pushing yourself up and away from the ground; a good example is jumping rope. Performing agility drills help you to center your body’s core and balance your body’s weight, even while moving about. Basketball players perform jumping drills during training and pre-game warm-up as jumping is a vital part of the game. 

Agility Drills: Direction Changes

 Want to take a quick test of your ability here and now? I challenge you to get up, now, and run to the opposite side of the room and then run back to your starting point – and don’t forget to time yourself! How long did it take you? Direction changes help to improve your ability to change directions fast. 

Try doing this same exercise repeatedly without stopping for one or two minutes. Do you have a hard time changing directions as the time progresses? Keep practicing! Agility and quickness will improve your ability to play sports, exercise and improve your overall physical coordination.

Agility Drills: Floor Ladders and Cones 

There are various tools that help you perform a particular drill the right way. A ladder, for instance, may be used to teach you how to increase your pace and speed when changing directions.

To increase your agility when traveling distances, cones are a great tool. Not only do cones give you a starting point and an ending point, they also teach you to maintain your balance and increase your ability to perform other drills.

Who would have thought such simple tools could be use to teach us how to move better? 


Benefits of Agility/Quickness Training

Enhanced Performance

I believe that increasing one’s agility improves their performance during any type of athletics. Regardless if you’re working out or playing a sport, you will see and feel the difference. Of course, the more drills and the more variety of drills that are practiced, the higher level of performance you will achieve.

Prevent InjuriesImproving your agility will allow you to increase the intensity of your workouts, and at the same time,  lessens the chances of  being injured because of your ability to control what your body is suppose to do.

BalancedEach time a new client begin agility training, it is inevitable that both of us will see improve their balance and ability to move after a very short period of time. I have even seen some clients improve their balance in their stance after just one session. Maintaining balance will not only benefit your workout performance, but will improve your posture and reduce your chances of falling.

I have reviewed just a few agility drills that you can do. The options are there for you to choose what you want to do. Getting fit doesn’t have to be the same routine over and over. Change it up and most importantly, have fun with it!


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