About Kriss Brooks

Kriss Brooks

Hello, I’m Kriss Brooks. I have been in the fitness field for over 3 decades. Fitness is my passion. It is my life. I can talk the talk, but can I walk the walk? Yes, I can. Here are some of my accomplishments that have culminated in me being here to help you :

1988 – Options Personal Training Center 

  • I owned and operated Options Personal Training Center for 15 years with the help of a terrific staff. We specialized in one-on-one strength training. We also provided comprehensive fitness testing, general health and fitness consulting services and personalized program development which included an aerobic exercise schedule, fundamental stretching, and healthy nutrition resources.


2003 – Options Fitness Consulting, Inc.

  • As a fitness consultant, for over 10 years, I have written and published articles on health and fitness for a variety of print and online media. I regularly present as a featured speaker on self-care topics, and I provide one-on-one coaching/mentoring services.


2006 – Options Wellness Resource Program

  • I founded the Options Wellness Resource Program (OWRP) in 2006. OWRP’s mission is to capture the energy of and foster collaboration between city government, community groups, health care facilities and academic institutions to deliver chronic disease prevention and management education, general health, fitness and nutrition education, and planned physical activities  designed to improve the health, fitness and personal enrichment needs of primarily African Americans with focused attention on women and girls. Options projects include: The Health Connection- directed at faith organizations; The Heart of the Matter- cardiovascular education for women; Me & Mine- a wellness project emphasizing healthy nutrition for prenatal and post partum women and teenage girls; PHAT (Promoting Healthy Activities Together) Youth Campaign; Lessons from the Field is an edible gardening initiative to improve food access.

The program’s successful comprehensive outreach garnered wide spread recognition between 2008 — 2011 as follows:

  President’s Council on Physical Activity and Sports Community Leadership Award-2008

            Nominee 2009—The San Francisco Foundation Community Service Award

                     Nominee 2009—The Helen Rodriguez-Trias Leadership Award

  Nominee 2009—Network for a Healthy California—“Champion for Change” Award

            Nominee 2010—Jefferson Award for Public Service

         Nominee 2011 – Healthy Living Award (HHS)

                Nominee 2011 – Bank of America Local Heroes Award


I’m Here to Help You Become & Stay Fit!

What does this mean to you? It means I have lots of experience in ‘walking the walk.’ It’s the kind of experience that makes me confident I can guide and motivate you through your fitness obstacle course.

My job is simple and rewarding. It’s to help you to start honoring your most important asset – your body.

The process of getting in shape and staying in shape can be exasperating and confusing. I understand this. I also understand the fears you may be dealing with in combating such obstacles as a recent illness, a nagging injury or fear of aging. Options4Fitness is here to make the process easier for you.

I know you have questions, so please don’t be afraid to ask them. I am here ready to answer those questions and provide you with resources to help you choose the best option for your personal lifestyle and fitness needs.

“Ten years from now you will arrive. The question is how.”

                          ~ Anthony Robbins

We’re in this together.