4 Ways to Build Muscles Quickly and Consistently



There are a number of ways to build muscles quickly and consistently even if you are over 40. More importantly, you can achieve both of these goals without injuring yourself, getting bored or giving up because you think building muscle is too tough. Here are 4 secrets to success:

1-Be consistent with your workout schedule.
Consistency is key to most successes in life. You have to be consistent when trying to build muscle or burn fat. Many people search for the perfect work out or the best weight loss program and hop from one to the next. The truth is that the BEST routine or diet is one you will stick to. Do your work out every day you are scheduled for it, rain or shine, and no matter how busy or tired you might feel.

Give your work out sessions the same importance you would to a doctor’s appointment and see what a difference it will make to your physique.

2-Be smart with your workout schedule.
In terms of scheduling, only do strength training every 24 to 48 hours in order to protect yourself from injury. Having said that, alternate with cardio activities on the other days when you are not lifting weights. Walking, tai chi, yoga, cycling and swimming are all low impact cardio, but can help build lean muscle. If you miss a day due to illness, there is no need to skip 2 or 3 days or give up completely. Just pick up where you left off.

3-Gradually increase repetitions, and then sets, and then weight being lifted.
Many people new to lifting try to build muscle overnight after years just sitting on the sofa. As a result, they lift weights that are far too heavy for them, usually get injured, and end their efforts to build muscle before they’ve ever even got started.

A more sensible plan is to start out with a light weight, and do 8 lifts per set if you can do so comfortably. Consider that to be 1 set. Do 1 set for each of the exercises you plan to include as part of your workout routine. Keep track of all your work in a weight lifting log.

Gradually increase the repetitions, such as 12 or 16, then the number of sets until you are able to do 3 sets comfortably. Then move up to the next weight and start the process all over again. Lifting increasingly heavier weights will lead safely to even stronger muscles.


4-Set your (realistic) goals and stick to them.
Everyone has different reasons for working out with light weights. Some want to lose weight, others to tone and trim what they already have. Some women hate sagging, flabby upper arms. Most men want great biceps and rock hard abs.

There are hundreds of weight lifting positions to try using dumbbells, wrist weights and ankle weights. Set your goals and decide which exercises will help you achieve your goals and what equipment will be best to target any trouble spots.

Chances are you did not get out of shape overnight, so it is unrealistic to think you can get a Mr. or Ms. Universe physique overnight. Having said that, lifting weights consistently will enable you to safely build muscle quickly for a fitter, healthier and more attractive you.

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