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Welcome to Options4Fitness!

I’m Kriss Brooks, and welcome to my website! Options is a one-stop resource center for health and fitness information, products and services. My dedication to giving each and every one of you an option to become optimally fit can be found on each page you read.Options4Fitness is my new platform to help and encourage you to say “Yes, I can” and mean it. Every “yes” you say today to a positive choice equals a “no” to a negative one. Keep repeating this. The very act of repetition will strengthen and extend your behavior, and in time, those positive choices will become healthy habits.

I’m here to help.

Have you tried exercise regimens that are simply impossible to fit into your daily schedule? And what about the countless diets that are hard to follow or just don’t fit your lifestyle? Regardless, if you have just decided to get in shape or you have made multiple attempts and nothing seems to work, I want to help you get past that frustrating stage and reach your goals. If you are already an exercise enthusiast and are living a healthy lifestyle, you too will discover tips that will help you plow through plateaus and keep you committed and focused, without being compulsive, on the most important thing you own – your body. Options4Fitness is here to provide you with information and inspiration. This website is user friendly so you can find exactly what you need, when you want it.

The 4 Primary How-to-Get-Fit Topics

You’ll find a plethora of articles on these topics. Watch for the postings of dates for online Options get-fit meet-ups and webinars to drill down into these subjects; discuss what your issues are, and together, come up with the solution.


Your Get-Fit and Stay-Fit Options

It’s up to you. You can remain sedentary or move your body. You can retain bad habits or make positive, healthy choices. You can fail or succeed. If you are ready to stop ignoring the well established rules of optimum physical and mental well being, start by giving yourself the gift of fitness. You deserve it, and you have the option with Options 4 Fitness.

“Nothing happens until something moves.”   ~ Albert Einstein                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  Let’s get started!